About our Field Trips

The Audubon Society of Kalamazoo’s field trips are free and open to all. They are suitable for all skill levels, from first time beginner to more skilled birders. We enjoy birds and the field trips offer the participants the opportunity to visit a wide variety of, mostly local, birding places with a knowledgeable birder(s). Often the trips are very much a joint effort with the goal of finding and seeing birds. However, we do adhere to high ethical birding standards.

Our field trips are generally of a casual nature, though occasionally we will target finding specific species, but even these are not in any way intensive. However, we do want to see birds and to that end we make an effort to visit good birding sites.

Please note that our field trips include the phone number of the leader. It is our policy that the leader will go to the meeting point even if the weather is poor. This does not mean the leader will go to the meeting point if it is dangerous to do so or if the roads are so bad, i.e. deep snow, that travel is not recommended. The phone numbers are provided for cases where the conditions are questionable, so that you can call the leader to see if the trip will be held. Please realize that we still hold our trips rain, snow, or shine, but we leave it up to the leader to decide what is just plain bad weather. Reminder: We make every attempt to start trips at or very near the appointed time, so please don’t be late.

If you have any general questions about our field trips, please contact Russ Schipper at schipper.russ@gmail.com or (269) 375-7210.

Birding on the South Haven Pier

Birding on the South Haven Pier
Photo by Larry Wolf