Butterfly and Moth Presentations

Monarch at Common Milkweed

Monarch at Common Milkweed (Photo by Russ Schipper)

“Monarchs, Milkweeds, and More”

Colorful photos illustrate the monarch life cycle, nectar-pollination significance for insects and plants, some common milkweeds in Michigan and their habitat requirements, other obligate milkweed feeding insects, monarch predators and parasites and other threats to their survival as well as their migration to Mexico. 1 hour.


“Establishing Native Plant Gardens to Attract Butterflies”

Colorful photos illustrate the process of establishing a native plant garden and the rationale for doing so. Also shown are native plants and some of the butterflies they attract. Both nectar providing and caterpillar food plants are covered, as well as the life stages of some of the butterflies. 1 hour.


Black Swallowtail on Aster

Black Swallowtail on Aster (Photo by Ilse Gebhard)

“Moths, our Nocturnal Pollinators”

Colorful photos document the diversity of moths found in rural Kalamazoo County. Both moths and/or their caterpillars are shown along with the native plants that host them. Also discussed is the significance of insects both to plant pollination and as food source for birds. 1 hour.


To set up a program please contact the presenter Ilse Gebhard at (269) 375-7210.