Audubon Society of Kalamazoo November 2021 Program: Marsh Birds Monitoring in Michigan

November 22, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Via Zoom
Donna Keller

Under cover of grasses, reeds, and rushes, “secretive” marsh birds go about their lives, often unbeknownst to us. Marshes can be mysterious places, but countless birds and wildlife need them to thrive. Unfortunately, many marsh bird species have declined with the disappearance of the wetlands that they need in Michigan and across the Great Lakes region. Over 60% of Great Lakes wetlands have been lost, including 79% of Kalamazoo wetlands. Audubon Great Lakes, MI Birds, and Ottawa County Parks and Recreation are working together to help restore habitat and monitor marsh birds in priority areas, like the nearby Grand River Coastal Corridor, which is part of a globally recognized Audubon Important Bird Area. Join Erin Rowan to learn more about these incredible birds, the efforts underway to conserve them, and how you can get involved.

Erin joined the Audubon Great Lakes team as the MI Birds Program Associate in 2018, working to increase all Michiganders’ engagement in the understanding, care, and stewardship of public lands that are important for birds and people. As Senior Coordinator, MI Conservation with Audubon Great Lakes and MI Department of Natural Resources, Erin manages wetlands restoration and marsh bird monitoring projects, Black Tern conservation and research projects, and the MI Birds program. She previously worked as a Staff Biologist with the Institute for Bird Populations, coordinating their MAPS/TMAPS bird banding programs before moving to Michigan where she worked with Detroit Audubon as their Research Coordinator. She holds a degree in Conservation and Resource Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

Join us on Monday, November 22, 7:30 PM, via Zoom. A link to the meeting will be emailed to the membership a few days prior to the meeting. If ASK does not have a current email address for you, please let us know at Our plan is to record the meeting and make it available for later viewing.