October 2019 Presentation: American Kestrels and Ecosystem Services in Michigan’s Fruit-Growing Regions

October 28, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
People's Church
1758 North 10th Street
Donna Keller

Did you know that the American Kestrel is North America’s smallest falcon? A drive through Michigan farm country is sometimes rewarded with glimpses of this colorful bird perched on a wire or fencepost, eyeing a juicy insect or small mammal. Join us as we learn from Dr. Catherine Lindell about efforts to help fruit growers and American Kestrels by enhancing our agricultural landscapes with nest boxes. She and her lab group have worked with sweet cherry and blueberry growers in Michigan. Kestrels eat a wide variety of crop pests. She will discuss their success in attracting kestrels to fruit-production areas and their role in deterring crop pests.

Dr. Lindell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology and the Center for Global Change and Earth Observations at Michigan State University. She and her students investigate the roles birds play in agricultural and restoration contexts. She teaches courses in ecology and tropical biology. For anyone who is interested, more information can be found at her website https://clindell.natsci.msu.edu/.

We hope you’ll join us on Monday, October 28, at People’s Church,  Our program starts at 7:30 PM and is preceded by a social time with light refreshments at 7:00 PM. Guests and the general public are encouraged to attend. Handicap parking and access is at either the front or rear entrance of the building. Please remember to bring your own coffee mug to reduce our dishwashing.