Xmas Bird Count – Battle Creek

December 14, 2013 @ 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Battle Creek
John Brenneman
(269) 381-1574 ext. 30

Join us in counting birds for the National Audubon Society’s annual Christmas Bird Count. Each count has a defined area, a 15-mile diameter circle to survey. That is divided up into smaller areas that the teams cover. The object is to find and count as many birds as you can. Beginners are most welcome, as are kids. Those with less experience are placed with more experienced birders. While much of the counting is done by car, it is wise to dress warm for the periods outside the car. It is a good practice to bring more clothing than you think you will need. Birding is a lot more fun when one is not shivering.

The Battle Creek Count is on Saturday, December 14 – If you wish to participate, contact John Brenneman at the Kalamazoo Nature Center at (269) 381-1574 ext. 30 or email jbrenneman@naturecenter.org. (See article under Items of Interest.)