Cats Indoors: Good for Birds, Good for Cats

ASK invites you to join us in our effort to keep both cats and wild birds safe. We have distributed brochures to area pet stores, veterinarians, and shelters that encourage people to keep their cats indoors. We could use your help! We have “Cats Indoors!” brochures available at our meetings for you to pick up and take to your vet or pet store.

Scientists estimate that free-roaming cats kill hundreds of millions of birds and other small animals each year. These cats are also susceptible to injury, disease, parasites, or becoming lost, stolen, or poisoned. Cats that are kept indoors pose no threat to wildlife and face less risk of injury and disease.

The American Bird Conservancy began the “Cats Indoors!” campaign in 1997 to educate cat owners and the general public. A wealth of information is available on their website, There you can learn how to slowly adapt your older cat to an indoor lifestyle, how to leash-train your cat, or get detailed information on the effect of outdoor cats on small animals.

Please consider helping us in this campaign to keep birds and cats safe and healthy.