Downtown Kalamazoo Peregrine Falcons Update

On a sad note,  an MLive article by Rosemary Parker about the necropsy report on the young Peregrine Falcon found dead in August.

On a happy note, the parents are around and appear to be in great shape. This report and photos from Audubon Society of Kalamazoo member Dave Chmielewski from his visit to the Peregrine viwing area on September 29, 2014 starting at 8:30 AM.

This morning I visited the the Peregrine viewing area on top of the Gilmore parking structure. I parked on Portage and took the elevator up to the 6th floor. I’m cheap and don’t like to pay for parking if the birds aren’t home. I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as I opened the door onto the roof, I spotted the male on the Gilmore tower. then located Rebecca on the rail just above the Fifth Third Bank symbol. After snapping a few shots Rebecca launched flying aroung the bank building to the west. The male followed immediately.

I waited about a half hour and started to put my camera away. Of course that’s when Rebecca returned to the very spot she was when I arrived. It appeared to me that she must have finished her breakfast as she was no longer scanning the horizon and was content to just sit there and preen. I never did see the male again and there was no signs of the Juveniles. Both adults were looking healthy.

Note: the male is the one with the blue background.

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