How Will Climate Change Affect Birds?

If you missed the September 2013 Audubon Society of Kalamazoo monthly meeting with the presentation by Dr. David Karowe on how climate change will affect birds, he has graciously made available a file of his PowerPoint presentation for viewing.


Dr. Karowe is an environmental activist who is attempting to make a difference through education.  His target audience is all world citizens that he is working to inform so each one can make a positive difference. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Harvard and a doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan, Karowe has put his knowledge and study to good use as a researcher for the University of Michigan and a biology professor at Western Michigan University. Among many topics, his courses include a lecture series at WMU’s Lee Honors College, numerous guest lectures and speaking engagements for a wide variety of audiences, and even a class on global climate change at the WMU Lifelong Learning Academy. His laboratory work seeks to understand the effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on the world and the consequences of those carbon dioxide-induced changes. 


Please check out his website and feel free to download his PowerPoint presentation on the effect of climate change on birds.