June 22, 2014 Update on Kalamazoo’s Peregrine Falcons

This report and photo from Audubon Society of Kalamazoo member Dave Chmielewski about his observations on June 22, 2014.

This morning I was able to verify (from one vantage point) 2 adult and 3 juvenile Peregrines. The male was perched on the metal rail one floor down from the roof on the SW corner of the 5/3 Bank building. Rebecca was feeding one chick on the roof (yes the roof) of the 5/3 Bank building. A second chick was on the roof of the Public Service building to the south of the bank building across the ally. This chick was very active, running back and forth and flying/hopping onto the ledge of the building. A third chick could be seen on the nest box ledge. While there, I witnessed both adults hunt. Rebecca was successful. A large Rock Pigeon, see pic attached. Rebecca took the prey to the roof where I watched her feed that chick. She then took the remaining portion of the prey down to nest box where she fed that chick. She never did go to the chick on the Public Service building. Instead after feeding the chick in the box she took what was left of the prey and disappeared behind the bank building to the west. She returned to her normal perch on the Gilmore tower WITHOUT the prey within 45 seconds. I can only speculate that maybe she dropped it off some place. Maybe to the 4th chick which I did not see and cannot verify. Rebecca was very active this morning.