Kalamazoo’s Female Peregrine Falcon on the Hunt

Peregrine Falcon, female (AKA Rebecca). Kalamazoo, MI Spring 2014.
This female has just started to hunt again after successfully incubating and rearing four chicks. The chicks were about two weeks old when she started to hunt again. Until then the male was providing all the meals. He is about 40% smaller and could not bring down the bigger Rock Pigeons needed to feed the four hungry chicks. After many days of watching the Falcons on their hunting perches I noted that they would scan the horizon for prey and once spotted they would “twitch”. Like trying to hold back excitement. Then the “twitch” would stop. Within about 5 seconds of stopping the “twitch” they would launch. This bird passed about 15 feet over my head on her way to her quarry that was about 200 yards behind me. She successfully returned to the nest and 4 hungry chicks about 40 seconds later.

Nikon D-7100 w Nikon 500mm AF VR