Kalamazoo’s Peregrine Falcons Update Sunday June 29, 2014

This update was provided by Audubon Society of Kalamazoo member Dave Chmielewski who also provided the photos. We thank Dave for the updates and allowing us to post his photos.

I arrived at Gilmore parking ramp roof about 7AM. Lighting was poor at best for photography but I gave it a go. Quiet at first. One juvi was spotted on the south side of the roof.
At about 7:15 the male glided in and perched on the building. Minutes later Rebecca appeared. Now there was more movement on the roof. Male left and returned in about 10 minutes with small prey and dropped it off on the roof. Three chicks all tried for the meal at one time and a tug of war ensued. Lot of wings and movement. After a minute everyone got a piece and settled in for breakfast. At this time I can verify five (5) Peregrines – two adults and three chicks. I thought at one time I saw a fourth chick but there were wings flapping everywhere. Flight training then started both with Rebecca and on their own. In the remaining two hours that I was there Rebecca went out and returned with two rock pigeons. One she carried around taunting the chick into following her.

Chicks with first prey of the morning



Rebecca with her first prey of the morning



Juvi’s playing mid air tag with one another