Michigan Purple Martin Group to Form Soon

Purple Martin landlords in Michigan are in the beginning stages of forming a state-wide organization dedicated to the welfare and management of this native swallow with very specialized needs. Anyone interested in becoming involved in the founding of this new group should contact Jackson Audubon President and Purple Martin landlord Connie Spotts at 517-529-9031 (bflylady27@netzero.net) or Audubon Society of Kalamazoo Vice President and Purple Martin landlord Penny Briscoe at 629-649-3008 (pennyhbriscoe@comcast.net). One goal of the organization will be to more effectively identify active Purple Martin colonies in the state, a critical component in improving the outlook for the future of the species. Another goal is to provide readily accessible assistance in establishing and managing new colonies, and in educating the general public about this bird that was once so common throughout the state. Organizational discussions will take place during the coming summer, including at the shore-side colony of Connie Spotts on Crispell Lake, just south of Jackson, on June 14 at 11:00 AM. Additional information and another organizational meeting will follow later in the summer. For more information, to report an active Purple Martin colony, or to seek general assistance on establishing or managing a colony, contact Connie or Penny.

Purple Martin Colony Photo by Penny Briscoe

Purple Martin Colony
Photo by Penny Briscoe