Michigan SNOWstorm Snowy Owls Update from Allen Chartier

After being in a cell tower "dead zone" for a few days (we've all been
there), Alma, the Snowy Owl whose transmitter was funded by Alma
College, has reconnected and the data has been downloaded to an updated map
on the Project SNOWstorm website. He is still in the Chelsea area.

Since my last update to this list, two more Snowy Owls have been tagged in
Michigan. Chippewa was trapped, tagged, and released on February 8 in the
Pickford area of the Upper Peninsula. She seems to be staying in the same
general area and she can now be tracked on the Project SNOWstorm website.
Her transmitter was funded by the Michigan Bird Conservation Initiative, a
collaboration between the Audubon Society of Kalamazoo, the Kalamazoo
Valley Bird Observatory/Kalamazoo Nature Center, Laughing Whitefish Audubon
Society, and Michigan Audubon Society.

Prairie Ronde was trapped at the MBS airport near Saginaw and released near
Schoolcraft in SW Michigan on February 11. Her transmitter was funded by
donations to the general fund of Project SNOWstorm. Release of data is
withheld for a few days after release, so she will be trackable on the
website sometime later this week.

And thanks to an anonymous individual donor, another transmitter has been
fully funded and plans are in the works to place it on a fourth Snowy Owl
in the state. I'll update again once that happens (they aren't that easy to
catch so plans may change!).

A good place to check all this out is on the 2014/2015 maps page of Project
SNOWstorm, here:

And check the updated blog here:

Donations are still being accepted as the owls remain in the state.
Hopefully we can fund one more transmitter, at least, this winter. I've
been informed that Jackson Audubon Society is interested in contributing.
How about some others?

Use this link for making online donations via the Michigan Audubon website:

There is a form field that reads "If you would like to make a gift to a
specific sanctuary or program, please indicate in the field below." Please
enter "Project SNOWstorm Michigan" in this line, so they can track those

Otherwise, checks can be made out to Michigan Audubon with "Project
SNOWstorm Michigan" in the memo line and mailed to:
Michigan Audubon
PO Box 15249
Lansing, MI 48901

Prairie Ronde with Transmitter.  Photo by Chris McNeri.

Prairie Ronde with Transmitter. Photo by Chris McNeri.